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Scope of laser surgery as a Hair transplant procedure
by: Ben
For some people, the word laser surgery is synonymous wit the word
"state-of-the-art". With laser surgery permeating almost any branch
of surgery it is not very uncommon to think so. Though laser surgery
has shown much promise in other branches of surgery the scene with
hair transplant surgery is entirely different.

Not only is laser hair transplant inappropriate for
Follicular Unit Transplantation, it is actually detrimental even
with different modification of procedure and use of different laser
hair settings. Letís see the rationale behind the difference
between hair transplant surgeries and other surgeries where
the use of laser has been of much advantage.

The value of laser surgery lies in its properties of "selective photo-thermolysis"
(this is the ability to destroy a specific target without injuring
the surrounding tissue). Hair transplant surgery is different in this
regard from other surgeries because of the lack of a target tissue.
And when one is using laser hair transplant surgery for channel creation
for inserting the grafts, it is actually making use of destructive
properties of the laser. The laser hair restoration surgery literally
burns a recipient hole in the skin. The tall claims made by laser
companies for a new class of laser causing no thermal damage,
is anything but true. Regardless of the source and the type, a laser
is something which causes thermal damage to the tissue by its
high energy. The laser hair restoration technique always leaves
surface change and scarring. Not only this, high energy laser
beams used for laser hair transplant may damage hairs existing
near the implant site because of burning of the surrounding tissue.
But at the same time it is important to keep in mind the use of laser
for hair removal is a different case altogether. Since here the
destructive property of laser is put to use, it can be a good
option being painless and fast.

There is another drawback of laser hair transplant surgery which is
more critical. The high energy of laser beam leads to the closing
of the blood vessels. This characteristic feature of the laser beam
is useful in other type of surgery where it helps to close wounds
and provides quick healing. But in case of hair transplant surgery,
blood supply is very crucial for nourishing the grafts after they
are transplanted. And this is the main concern about a laser
hair transplant surgery. Laser assisted transplants either are
not able to grow or heal more slowly to have unpredictable
growth due to impaired blood flow.

The thermal damage caused by the laser hair restoration to the
surrounding tissue destroys the collagen and weakens the elastic
support around the newly transplanted grafts. It also increases
the coagulum (clot) around the graft which, in turn, decreases
oxygen perfusion and retards healing. The uniformly created
channels created by laser hair transplant surgery lose all its
promise when the laser "loosens" the "snug fit" between the
transplanted graft and recipient site. And this is the reason
why laser hair restoration results in unpredicted and slow
growth of the hair follicle.

The advantage of laser towards decreasing bleeding at the
recipient site is also not of much use in case of
hair transplant surgery. A hair transplantation surgeon
can decrease bleeding by the use of precision instruments
and better hair transplant procedures more effectively than
using a laser beam.

Regardless the hair transplant procedure a hair transplant doctor uses,
maximizing the growth of a transplant is the one and only aim
of any hair transplant surgery. And whatever is the type of
implanted graft, whether it is a single follicular units or a group
of follicular units, restoring the blood supply to the graft is of
utmost importance. And since the laser hair transplant surgery
fails to accomplish the vital function of restoring the blood flow,
it is to be simply ignored as a hair transplant procedure.

There are many hair transplant centers which boast of laser hair transplant
as a painless procedure or as a fast process for hair transplant surgery,
are to be totally dismissed. This is an important piece of information
which can save you from a fraudulent hair transplant center if you are
planning to have a hair transplant surgery done. But before you visit
a hair transplant clinic find some time to visit the site

and make an informed decision.

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