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Hair Loss Treatment
by: Robert S

Hair loss can happen to both men and women at almost any age. Many men experience a receding hairline during their early twenties and women begin to notice a thinning right behind their hairline from a very early age as well. Most people begin to see dramatic hair loss during their middle age years and become desperate to find an effective hair loss treatment. There are many different opinions on whether or not there are actually products that can reverse hair loss. Most will agree that hair loss prevention is more likely to be possible, but an effective hair loss treatment is something that has many skeptics and few optimists.

The search for an effective hair loss treatment became more than just an idea during the 1980ís when a comprehensive understanding of how the genetics and pathology effect a personís hair loss. With this understanding came a new hair loss treatment industry that is heavily funded for both research and marketing. Scientists working to create an effective hair loss treatment came to discover that it is possible to forestall the aging process of follicles that can lead to hair loss than it is to make hair grow again from follicles that are already inactive. There are a number of products on the market available with or without a prescription that can help individuals retain their hair and prevent additional hair loss.

Another popular hair loss treatment is through surgery to change the progress of hair loss and balding. It is considered by many to be an incredibly length to go to reverse hair loss as well as incredibly expensive. The way surgery works as a hair loss treatment is through hair transplants, where small sections of skin with hair are taken from one part of the scalp to another. Another form of surgery as a hair loss treatment is called scalp reduction, where the excess skin on the scalp is removed and then the remaining parts with hair are stitched together again. When surgery is used as a hair loss treatment, people need to be aware that the procedure could cause extreme scarring that could become visible if hair loss continues over the rest of the head.

The future of research for hair loss treatment may lie within stem cell research. Stem cells have been found to be in hair follicles and select researchers believe that further research on the stem cells from the follicles could bring about successful hair loss treatment for baldness through something called hair multiplication or hair cloning. The way this hair loss treatment would work would be to reproduce the stem cells from the already existent follicles in cultures and then imbedding the new follicles into the scalp. Researchers hope to be able to send a signal to follicle stem cells in order to help them regenerate new hair growth.

While no one treatment is guaranteed to work for everyone, many individuals, both men and women, have had success with hair loss treatment. From over the counter and prescription drugs to extensive surgery procedures, the impact a personís appearance has on the way they feel about themselves is seen in the number of hair loss treatment options available to everyone.

About The Author
Robert is the webmaster and owner of "" and has been researching and reporting on Hair Loss Treatment solutions for years. Click Here ==>

About the author:
About The Author
Robert is the webmaster and owner of "" and has been researching and reporting on Hair Loss Treatment solutions for years. Click Here ==>

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